Allied WWII Manual Extracts on Japanese Handguns



            Several manuals produced by the Allies during WWII to educate their forces about their Japanese counterparts included sections on handguns. I have several such manuals so far and have reproduced here the sections on handguns.


To see the extract from the US War Department Technical Manual TM 30-480 Handbook on Japanese Military Forces, September 21, 1942 edition, please click here: Handbook on Japanese Military Forces (Sept 42) (There is also a later edition of this book dated October 11, 1944. I have an original of that one as well as a much more common reprint and even a Japanese-language translation of it).


To see the extract from the June, 1943 publication of the GS (Int), Adv HQ Allied Land Forces, SWPA entitled Japanese Equipment, please click here: Japanese Equipment (SWPA) (This seems to be a Commonwealth publication from Australia or the UK, as it says that its contents are not to be communicated to anyone who does not hold gan official position in His Majestyfs Serviceh.)


To see the extract from the US War Department, Military Intelligence Divisionfs December 31, 1943 publication, Special Series Number 19, entitled Japanese Infantry Weapons, you have two choices. There are several rather large files, so I set it up two ways. If you have high speed internet, you can view the pages directly at: Japanese Infantry Weapons for high speed internet. If you have slower service, it might be better to go to the page I set up where you can click and download the pages one by one. To do so, please click here: Japanese Infantry Weapons


To see the extract from the US War Departmentfs Military Intelligence Servicefs November 15, 1944 publication, Special Series Number 27, entitled Soldierfs Guide to the Japanese Army, please click here: Soldier's Guide to the Japanese Army


And to end up with a pretty picture, here is a WWII US military poster for identification of Japanese infantry weapons. It is about 17h X 23h and appears to have been a pullout from a magazine.



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