SWPA gJapanese Equipmenth Extract


            Here are the pages on Japanese handguns from gJapanese equipment: photographs and characteristics of basic weapons encountered in the SWPAh, published in June, 1943 by gGS (INT) ADV HQ ALLIED LAND FORCES SWPAh. SWPA stood for gSouth West Pacific Areah and was under the command of General Douglas MacArthur. It included the Solomons, Australia, the Philippines, New Guinea and offshore islands and the Dutch East Indies except Sumatra.


Page 4 shows the Type 14.



This is page 5. Ifm not sure why the scanner blacked out the blank parts of the page. Note that there seems to be confusion between the Grandpa/Papa Nambu and the Type 14. The latter is a completely different pistol and was not fitted with a shoulder stock. This one does mention the Type 26 revolver briefly.






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