Nambu World: Type 94 Pigskin Leather Holster

             I bought this original leather Type 94 holster in 2003 from someone who had got it as part of a collection of stuff on eBay and didnft need it. Actually to be technically correct it is probably pigskin. gLeatherh (i.e. cow leather) variants are known but less common than the pigskin type. 


Here is the back. 


            This shows it open. When I got it the snap on the flap was separated and needed a minor repair, but both original parts were present. My husband just gently flared out the remaining part of the rivet stem so that it would hold the inner piece of the snap and the thing holds together perfectly now.  Note the Japanese characters to the left of the magazine pocket. 


            This shot shows the holster with the pistol, an original magazine and a reproduction cleaning rod. The rod was often lost  as the magazine was pulled out so they are rare. It is in the right side of the magazine pouch, and the top horizontal section of it can just be seen above the magazine. 

    This close-up of the characters shows the family name gIshikawah (literally, gstone riverh). Japanese holsters were often marked with the name of the person to whom they were issued, and sometimes other info as well (rank, serial number of gun, etc.).


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