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Here are three different types of original Type 94 magazines. They are arranged in chronological order. The earliest ones were nickel plated. The one shown here was actually preceded by an earlier even variant that looked basically the same but had a flat floor plate (all of these have a rib on the floor plate to provide strength). The one in the middle came next. It is blued and has a rectangular follower button. The final design had a round follower button.  


This close up shows the follower buttons better. 


Here is the left side, in the same order right to left. Note that the later ones show increasingly rough surfaces. This is a typical result when low quality steel is extruded and shows the decline in production quality as the war progressed.


This shows the serial number on the later one with the round button. The gMh is an interim inspection mark. 


Here are the serial numbers and markings on four mags. The middle two are both the intermediate, blued, rectangular follower button versions.


Here is an original blued cleaning rod. I got it as part of a package deal with a vet. It came with a Type 14 pistol (19.6 Kokubunji) and a Type 14 rubberized canvas holster with leather striker pouch. I was lucky, as Type 94 rods are much harder to get than the Type 14 rod that should have come with the gun. The rod was often lost as the mag was pulled out so they are rare. Earlier rods were nickel plated.


Here is a close-up of the tip. It forms a screw-driver. I have read that the screw-driver shape is less pronounced on the repros, and that is certainly true of the one repro I bought before I got this original.


Here is the inspection mark, about half-way down the shaft. It is hard to tell what it is supposed to be as it is small and poorly struck due to the rounded surface, but it is similar to inspection marks I have seen on other cleaning rods.

    This is not an official or original accessory, but it comes in handy. When disassembling the Type 94 you need a non-marring tool to push the cross bolt out. My friend Jim Brown sent me this one and it helps a lot. You can probably make something similar yourself from wood or, like this one, PVC pipe. The top of the gTh is the handle (to the right in the photograph) and the bottom of the gdownstrokeh of the gTh (;left side of photo) is the part that is used to push out the cross bolt. 



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