Nambu World: Type 94 Original Manual

    Type 94 manuals are extemely scarce, but I was fortunate enough to find one. The manual measures 116 mm by 153 mm (4-3/16 inches by 6 inches) and has 15 pages. The column of large characters in the centre of the cover says kyu-yon-shiki-ken-ju-ho-zon-tori-atsukai-setsu-mei-sho (Explanatory manual on the care and handling of the Type 94 handgun). In the lower right the first column on the far right is the date, Sho-wa-ju-go-nen-ichi-gatsu-in-satsu (printed in January, Showa 15, i.e. 1940). The other column says Riku-gun-zo-hei-sho (Army Arsenal). The small, oval red stamp in the lower left is the original owner's family name, Ogawa. The back is completely blank with no printing or markings. The manual is held together by two rather rusty staples that unite the interior pages. One piece of light cardboard has been folded and glued over top of this simple binding to form the cover.

    Below is the schematic diagram showing the pistol in cross-section. The caption along the far right says: kyu-yon-shiki-ken-ju-ho-zon-tori-atsukai-setsu-mei-sho, the title of the publication. The middle column of text says hitotsu, kaku-bu-no-mei-sho (names of all the parts). The final column says hon-ju-kaku-bu-no-mei-sho-wa-sa-zu-ni-shime-su-goto-shi (the diagram on the left shows the names of all the parts of this gun). This is a fold-out diagram that measures 184 mm by 153 mm (7-1/4 inches by 6 inches).

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