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††††††††††† Continuing work begun by his father, Mr. Mike Larkin, Mr. Dan Larkin maintains and continually updates the worldís most extensive database on known surviving specimens of the Type 14 and Type 94 pistols. This has enabled collectors and researchers to determine the relative rarity of the various months of production, the serial range within which various production variations were introduced, etc. By special arrangement with Mr. Larkin, Nambu World is pleased to make these data available to the public. All data are courtesy of Mr. Dan Larkin. Enquiries and reports of additional specimens can be sent to Mr. Larkin directly at: Contact Mr. Dan Larkin



††††† In the following list, the data are presented in sets of three columns. In each set of three columns, the first column refers to the date and the second and third to the known serial number range. The dates are shown as stamped on the pistols, i.e. using the year and month of the reign of the Showa Emperor (Hirohito). For example, 10.6 means the 6th month of the tenth year of Emperor Hirohitoís reign, June, 1935. To convert the year to the Western style date, add 1925 (1925+10=1935).








††††††††††† To see data on production by year, also compiled by Mr. Dan Larkin, please click here: productiondata2.htm


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