Nambu World: 2007 Edmonton CHAS Display

††††††††††† On February 3-4, 2007 I presented my handgun display at the Canadian Historical Arms Society gun show in Edmonton, Alberta. Edmonton is the provincial capital, with a metro area population of around one million, and is about three hoursí drive north of calgary, where I live. I won the Peopleís Choice Award for most popular display, which was a nice trophy and C$75 (about US$65). I also got my photo in the Edmonton Sun, a tabloid-style newspaper with a circulation of around 200,000. Not a very flattering photo of me, and I didnít get to choose the caption, but it was probably the first time a photo of a Japanese gun has been in a Canadian newspaper since WWII! Here is the photo and article.


This is the trophy. It is etched glass, so it was hard to get a good photo.


††††††††††† This is the display. It was mostly the same as the one I did at the AACCA show in Calgary in 2006, but much more complete than the one I did at this Edmonton show in 2005.


††††††††††† Besides a few new militaria items, the biggest difference over Calgary 2006 was in this case, where I had earlier and later T94s (the 14.2 in the upper left and the 19.8 in the bottom right).


††††††††††† My husband Stephen earned a lot of Brownie points for safely driving us home on the Sunday night after the show in a blinding blizzard on slippery roads in the dark while he had a severe cold and we were towing a trailer full of display cases and set-up materials.


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