Ammunition & Reloading


This page got so big I divided it into four parts: shooting ammo, original & collectible ammo, original cartridge boxes and reloading.

Make sure your gun is safe to shoot before you try it out!


Shooting Ammo:


            Everyone wants to know: gwhere can I get ammo to shoot my Nambu?h Please click here to find out: shootingammo.htm


Original & Collectible Ammo:



            The main Japanese handguns all used unique Japanese cartridges. Check out the real thing by clicking here: originalcollectibleammo.htm


Original Cartridge Boxes:


            Original cartridge boxes are a fascinating collecting area in themselves. Check out the packaging here: originalcartridgeboxes.htm       




            At the price of this ammunition, it pays to reload. Interested in grolling your own?h Click here for information: reloading.htm


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